9.7.3 Examples with Akkusativ

The tables below show all the different declinations. We'll give you some examples.

Example 1
  We see the houses.
  direct object: the houses
  Nominative: die Häuser (plural) = the houses
  die Häuser belongs to group c
  direct object: die Häuser
  complete phrase: Wir sehen die Häuser.

Example 2
  We buy the cars.
  direct object: the cars
  Nominative: die Autos (plural) = the cars
  die Autos belongs to group g
  direct object: die Autos
  complete phrase: Wir kaufen die Autos.

Example 3
  We sell the tables.
  direct object: the tables
  Nominative: die Tische (plural) = the tables
  die Tische belongs to group a
  direct object: die Tische
  complete phrase: Wir verkaufen die Tische.

Example 4
  We drink beer.
  direct object: beer
  Nominative: das Bier (singular) = beer
  das Bier belongs to group c
  direct object: das Bier
  complete phrase: Wir trinken das Bier.

Example 5
  We find the keys.
  direct object: the keys
  Nominative: die Schlüssel (plural) = the keys
  die Schlüssel belongs to group a
  direct object: die Schlüssel
  complete phrase: Wir finden die Schlüssel.

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