9.6.1 Different Types of declension - without Change of Vowel

no change of vowel  
  singular (a) masculine (b) feminine (c) neutral
  Nominative der Schuh die Frau das Kind
  Genitive des Schuhes der Frau des Kindes
  Dative dem Schuh der Frau dem Kind
  Akkusativ den Schuh die Frau das Kind
  Nominative die Schuhe die Frauen die Kinder
  Genitive der Schuhe der Frauen der Kinder
  Dative den Schuhen den Frauen den Kindern
  Akkusativ die Schuhe die Frauen die Kinder

There are two advices that the author would like to give:
a) As you can see there are only four cases of different endings: in Genitive for masculine and neutral form; and      in plural in Dative in masculine and neutral form.
b) If you keep in mind a) and the plural forms then the declension is just learning the definite (and later     indefinite) articles. And since the masculine and the neutral are the same in plural the number of articles is     quite limited.

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