9.7.1 Examples with Genitive

In the tables before, we introduced groups of declinations a) to i). So it will be easier for you to follow the logic we use them here again.

Example 1
  The door of the house is green.
  Genitive: of the house
  Nominative: das Haus = the house
  das Haus belongs to group c
  Genitive: des Hauses
  complete phrase: Die Tür des Hauses ist grün.

Example 2
  The hand of the woman is beautiful.
  Genitive: of the woman
  Nominative: die Frau (singular) = the woman
  die Frau belongs to group b
  Genitive: der Frau
  complete phrase: Die Hand der Frau ist schön.

Example 3
  The doors of the cars are dirty.
  Genitive: of the cars
  Nominative: die Autos (plural) = of the cars
  die Autos belongs to group g
  Genitive: der Autos
  complete phrase: Die Türen der Autos sind schmutzig.

Example 4
  The colours of the bicycles are beautiful.
  Genitive: of the bicycles
  Nominative: die Fahrräder (plural)= the bicycles
  das Fahrrad belongs to group f
  Genitive: der Fahrräder
  compete phrase: Die Farben der Fahrräder sind schön.  

Example 5
  The shoes of the thieves are black.
  Genitive: of the thieves
  Nominative: die Räuber (plural) = the thieves
  die Räuber belongs to group a
  Genitive: der Räuber
  complete phrase: Die Schuhe der Räuber sind schwarz.

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