20.0 more prepositions

We have already briefly discussed prepositions in the chapter some prepositions. In this chapter we have said that preposition establish the relation between objects and / or between subject and object. But we only presented very few prepositions. In German there are about 150 prepositions, some of which are used very rarely (these are marked for you). We also give you the preposition that is used instead of others.

The use of preposition is quite difficult, especially since they are often used in a different way than their English equivalent. Our advice for you is to learn them and their translation good enough to recognise them passively. The most often used you'll learn through (not only) our exercises.

In the following you'll find a variety of prepositions in alphabetic order (not in order of their importance!), the declination that is to be used with it and many, many examples and exercises.

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