18.6.2 Formation of the passive voice

First of all the bad news: there are two different types of passive
a) one is focussing on the process itself
b) one is focussing more on the result on the state of something.

The process passive is formed with a conjugated form of werden and the perfect participle of the verb.

ich werde gerufen I am called
du wirst gerufen   you are called
er / sie / es wird gerufen   he, she, it is called
wir werden gerufen   we are called
ihr werdet gerufen   you are called
sie werden gerufen   they are called
ich wurde gerufen I was called
du wurdest gerufen   you were called
er / sie / es wurde gerufen   he, she, it was called
wir wurden gerufen   we were called
ihr wurdet gerufen   you were called
sie wurden gerufen   they were called
Present perfect  
ich bin gerufen worden I have been called
du bist gerufen worden   you have been called
er / sie / es ist gerufen worden   he, she, it has been called
wir sind gerufen worden   we have been called
ihr seid gerufen worden   you have been called
sie sind gerufen worden   they have been called
Past perfect  
ich war gerufen worden I had been called
du warst gerufen worden   you had been called
er / sie / es war gerufen worden   he, she, it had been called
wir waren gerufen worden   we had been called
ihr wart gerufen worden   you had been called
sie waren gerufen worden   she had been called

Die Leute wurden gefangen genommen. The people were caught (and send to prison).
Das Auto war repariert worden. The car had been repaired.
Die Autos waren repariert worden. The cars had been repaired.
Die Maschine war überprüft worden. The machine had been checked.

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