13.2 Preposition require different declensions

If you have thought that here again we'll meet the declension, so you were right. Different prepositions require different declensions.

Have a look at these phrases:
They are speaking about me.
Sie sprechen über mich.
They do it because of me.
Er macht es wegen mir.

The English version has both times me. The German sentences use mich (Accusative = direct object) and mir (Dative = indirect object).

über mich = about me
wegen mir
= because of me

Some of the prepositions always require the Dative.
Some of the prepositions always require the Accusative .
And some always require the Genitive.

And then there are some very nasty ones that may require the Dative or the Accusative depending on the verb and the context you want to describe. Let's start with some of the most important prepositions and their use on the following pages.

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