9.4 The Indirect Object - Dative

The third picture shows the relation of the three objects. One person is giving/renting/selling the car to another one.

  Possible constructions could be
The man is giving the car to his son.
If we change the phrase and take the prepositions away it looks like this:
The man is giving the car his son.

The second phrase is still understood, but it's not perfect. The German system introduces the third declension - the Dative - to express the relation to the third indirect object.

noun verb article noun preposition article noun
  Der   Mann   schenkt   das   Auto   -   der   Frau
  The   man   gives   the   car   to   the   woman  

Again the German phrase does not use any preposition, but it uses the third declension. Instead of die Frau in basic form we have der Frau.

Let's have a look at the overview.

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