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     Table of Contents Chapter 6 6.2 Exercise - Translate the following phrases
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Chapter 6: exercise: Translate the following phrases into German

  6.2 Exercise - Translate the following phrases into German

  Translate the following phrases.

I'm a doctor.
The sky is blue.
He is honest.
We are rich.
You are rich.
The doctor is stupid.
The cups are green.
The men are reading.*
The women know a lot.
We are in Milano.
The banana is sweet.
Berlin is in Germany.
The donkey is drinking.
The man is crying.
The women laugh.
The men are cooking.
The women study.
The babies are walking.
I am German.

* The English has a form that does not exist in German. Have a look at these phrases:

1) What are you doing? I am working.
2) What do you do? I work.

These phrases are not the same. The first one means something that happens right this moment. The second one is more in general and does not express any specific time - except that it is present. In German language this distinction does not exist.

Ich arbeite = I am working.
Ich arbeite = I work.