5.3 Exercise - Conjugation

Exercise 1 (weak verbs): Conjugate the following verbs. their stem doesn't change in present                                            tense

reden = to talk
bringen = to bring
trinken = to drink
sagen = to say
kaufen = to buy
weinen = to cry
lachen = to laugh
schwimmen = to swimm
rechnen = to calculate
bauen = to construct
kochen = to cook
lernen = to study

Exercise 2 (strong verbs): Conjugate these verbs. their stem is changing in the present tense
laufen = to run
essen = to eat
schlafen = to sleep
mögen = to appreciate
brechen = to break
dürfen = can (to be allowed to)
fahren = to drive
geben = to give

Exercise 3 (irregular verbs): Conjugate these two totally irregular verbs

sein = to be
haben = to have

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