28.3.6 Exercise 6: Choose the correct option

Exercise 6    
Which pear do you want?    
Birne willst du?

Which plane did you take?    
Mit Flugzeug seid ihr geflogen?

Which pullover did you put on?    
Pullover hast du angezogen?

To which shop do you go now?    
Zu Laden gehst du jetzt?

In which colour are you interested?    
An Farbe bist du interessiert?

From which woman did you get this?    
Von Frau hast du es bekommen?

For which reason did you say this?    
Aus Grund hast du das gesagt?

In which time frame would you do this?    
In Zeitraum würdest du das erledigen?

Of which material is this made?    
Aus Material besteht das?

Which (one) was it?    
war es?

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