26.4.3 Exercise 3: Formation of compound words

Many compound words can be formed within a creative system. Which actually means according to a certain principle one can create new words as many as fantasy serves.
noun + noun
      check or. answer 
  Bauarbeiter = worker on a construction site
  Baumaßnahme = tasks of construction  
  Baustelle = building site, construction site  
  Baumaschine = machine for building  
  Bausektor = building sector  
  Bau = construction, building, Industrie = industry  
  construction industry  
  Hausdach = roof of a house
  Haustür = door of a house (entrance)  
  Hausarbeiten = house work  
  Hausflur = corridor  
  Haus = house, Wand = wall  
  wall of a house  
  Benzinkanister = gasoline can
  Benzinpreis = gasoline price  
  Benzinherstellung = refinary  
  Benzin = gasoline, Lieferung = supply  
  gasoline supply  

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