26.4.2 Exercise 2: Lexical compound words

Kaffee = coffee, Tasse = cup  
  a certain type of coffee
  a cup to have coffee
Bild = picture, Schirm = umbrella  
  an umbrella that searches for painting, by van Gogh for instance
  a picture that shows an umbrella
Gebirge = mountains, Kette = chain  
  cable railway
  a chain that is only to be found in mountains
  a mountain range
Telefon = telephone, Buch = book  
  a novel that tells a story about a telephone and a book in love
  telephone book
  a telephone in the mode of a book
Kugel = ball , Schreiber = writer  
  a writer who plays soccer as well (Oliver Kahn, David Beckham, Stefan Effenberg for example)
  a magic ball, playing on paper
  a ball pen

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