21.3.1 Exercise 1: Modal verbs

Choose the option that corresponds to the German sentence      
Er müsste eigentlich schon hier sein He has to come right away.
He should have been here already.
He should come but it seems that he doesn't show.
Er muss kommen. It would be good if he came.
He must come.
He doesn't need to come.
Er darf nicht Auto fahren. He is not able to drive a car.
He doesn't know to drive a car.
He is not allowed to drive.
Er kann nicht Auto fahren, er hat sich ein Bein gebrochen. He is not allowed to drive.
He can't drive, because of he broke his leg.
He doesn't have driver's licence.
Du brauchst ihm kein Geld zu geben. He doesn't need money.
You don't need money.
You don't have to give him money.
Klar kann er Auto fahren, er hat schließlich einen Führerschein. He can't drive a car.
Sure, he knows how to drive a car, he has a driver's license.
He likes driving a car.
Er dürfte es vergessen haben. He is allowed to forget it.
He probably has forgotten.
He doesn't care.
Er darf nicht in die Schule gehen. He can't go to school.
He is not allowed to go to school.
He doesn't know how to get to school.
Er könnte es wissen. He must know.
Probably he knows.
He doesn't know.

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