18.8.2 Exercise 2: Passive voice (Vorgangspassiv)


to attack = angreifen, griff an, angegriffen
police = die Polizei
to spend = ausgeben, gab aus, ausgegeben
to need = brauchen, brauchte, gebraucht  
to shake, to shatter = erschüttern, erschüttern, erschütterte
to understand = verstehen, verstand, verstanden
country = das Land
money = das Geld
by accident = durch Zufall
to destroy = zerstören, zerstörte, zerstört
all, every = alle
last year = vergangenes Jahr
food = das Essen
writer, author = der Schriftsteller
to rule = regieren, regierte, regiert
to drive sb away = vertreiben, vertrieb, vertrieben
to smoke = rauchen, rauchte, geraucht
to forget = vergessen, vergaß, vergessen
conqueror = der Eroberer

Exercise 2: Translate these sentences into German, use the Vorgangspassiv

The tourists were attacked.

It was spent a lot of
money on things nobody
The whole country
was shaken
by the earthquake.
It was read a lot
but understood
only little.
Penicillin was discovered by accident.
He was very well paid.
The town was destroyed.
All towns were destroyed.

These houses were built last year.
This food was
prepared by an
Italian cook.
The essay was written
by a famous
This country was ruled
by a king.
The king will be driven out of the country.  
The cigarette will be smoked.
The conquerors will have been forgotten.

The paella will be cooked.
The paellas will be cooked.
The police had been attacked by the crowd of people.  

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