18.8.1 Exercise 1: Werden expresses changes


unemployment = die Arbeitslosigkeit
society = die Gesellschaft
criminal = der Verbrecher
thing = die Sache
complicated = schwierig
to hate = (sich) hassen
in the beginning = am Anfang
conscientious objector = der Kriegsdienstverweigerer
to get fat = dick werden
arrogant = arrogant
to die = sterben
world champion = der Weltmeister
crazy = verrückt
slowly = allmählich
lie = die Lüge
angry = wütend
stubborn = stur
because = weil
honest = ehrlich

Translate these phrases

Exercise 1

They became upset when they heard the news.
The water turned into ice.
The unemployment became the most important problem in the society.
Al Capone became the most famous criminal in the US.
The things became more difficult.
In the beginning, they hated each other, and then they became friends.
Muhammed Ali became
famous for being conscientious
He got very old in the last few years.
We got very fat during the Christmas holidays.
He turned into an arrogant person.
He became ill and died.
He became world champion.
He got crazy.
Slowly he got blind.
When we told him that it was a lie he became very angry.
When we criticised him, he became even more stubborn.
He became president of the republic because everyone thought he was an honest person.
The inflation became a problem.

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