16.3.4 declension of unser (1st person plural)

Possessive pronouns
  German English
  feminine masculine neutral  
Nominative unsere unserer unseres ours
Genitive not used * not used * not used * of ours
Dative unserer unserem unserem to ours
Accusative unsere unseren unseres ours
Nominative unsere unsere unsere ours
Genitive not used not used not used of ours
Dative unseren unseren unseren to ours
Accusative unsere unsere unsere ours

In common language the Genitive of the substantival possessive pronoun is not used. There is another form of a possessive that could be used (der unsrige, die unsrige, das unsrige), but it sounds really antiquated. If you want to form a Genitive of unser it is mostly done like in English.

Das ist der Schlüssel von unserem (Auto etc.).
This is the key to ours. (car etc.)

  Example: die Schachtel (= box) possessed object => feminine, singular

Ich sehe meine, aber unsere nicht.
I see mine but not ours.

  Example: das Kleid (= dress) possessed object => neutral, singular

Du kannst mit unserem hingehen.
You can go in ours.

  Example: die Häuser (= house) possessed object => neutral, plural

Ich sehe unsere, aber ihre nicht.
I see ours but not hers.

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