33.7 Perfect participles

We have already presented the perfect participles in the chapter of past tenses. The perfect participle can be used the same way as the present participle, i.e. as adjective or as substantivated adjective.

Participios perfectos  
verschmutzen = to get dirty
perfect participle: verschmutzt (dirty)
Die verschmutzte Wäsche hat er in die Waschmaschine geworfen.
= He has thrown the dirty clothes into the washing machine.
hören = to hear
perfect pariticiple: gehört (heard)
Das Gehörte hat ihm überhaupt nicht gefallen.
= The heard (things) he did not like at all.
lesen = to read
perfect participle: gelesen (read)
Die gelesenen Bücher schenkten sie der Schule.
= They gave the read books to the school.

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