33.21.9 Exercise 9:

Note! Tthis exercise is very dificult. Do not be frustrated if you are not able to solve it. It seems that there is no rule that tells us when to use zum + infinitivo (as noun) and zu + infinitivo. Just do not mind, it is seldom used in spoken language.

  For shopping we always went to town.
sind wir immer in die Stadt gefahren.
  He sent me shopping.
Er hat mich geschickt.
  He did not have anything to hide.
Er hatte nichts .
  Everyone goes to Poland to get gasoline.
Alle Leute fahren jetzt nach Polen.
  It needs oil for cooking.
braucht man Öl.
  He made the water boil.
Er brachte das Wasser .
  I feel like eating this apple.
Ich habe Lust, diesen Apfel .
  They did not even try to solve this problem.
Sie versuchten nicht einmal, das Problem .

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