32.8.4 Exercise 4: Imperative in reported speech

Put the verb into reported speech. Remember that the German system is not dependent on the tense of the introductory verb. Use the modal verb sollen.

He says:"Do not buy it for him!"
Er sagt:" Kauf es ihm nicht!"
He told you not to buy it for him.

He said:"Write the letter tomorrow!"
Er sagte:"Schreib ihm morgen einen Brief!"
He told him to write the letter tomorrow.

She had said:"Read this book until tomorrow!"
Sie hatte gesagt:" Lies dieses Buch bis morgen!"
She had told me to read this book until the next day.

They ordered:"Learn this by heart until tomorrow!"
Sie befahlen:"Lernt das bis morgen!"
They ordered us to learn this by heart until the next day.

You ordered: "Give him some orange juice!"
Du befahlst:"Gib ihm einen Orangensaft!"
You ordered me to give him some orange juice.

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