30.6 Days of the week

Days of the week    
Montag Monday
Dienstag Tuesday
Mittwoch Wednesday
Donnerstag Thursday
Freitag Friday
Samstag Saturday
Sonntag Sunday

Idiomatic expressions with weekdays.

Montags, dienstags, mittwochs etc.  
= Mondays; each Monday; every Monday
Montags geh ich immer einkaufen.
= On Mondays/each Monday/every Monday I (always) go shopping.
= Tuesdays; each Tuesday; every Tuesday
Dienstags geh ich immer schwimmen.
= On Tuesdays/each Tuesday/every Tuesday I (always) go swimming.

Am Montag, am Dienstag, am Mittwoch etc.  
Er kommt am Montag.
= He comes on Monday.
Er hat mir am Donnerstag gesagt, dass er nicht kommt.
= He told me on Thursday that he does not come.

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