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  3.3 Summary of the Phonetic System of German Language Part 1

  First part

Now you have an overview of the more difficult sounds in the German language. On this and the next two pages is a summary of all of them.

rot red
braun brown
grün green
Butter butter
Banane banana
aber but
Vogel bird
viel much
vermissen to miss
ä long
ähnlich similar
Käse cheese
gefährlich dangerous
ä short
erbärmlich wretched
dämlich stupid
sächlich neutral
ö long
nötig necessary
möglich possible
töten to kill
ö short
zwölf twelve
Köln Cologne
können to can
ü long
üblich normal
über over
süß sweet
ü short
schützen protect
künftig in the future
stürzen to fall

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