28.2.1 Interrogative pronouns that can be used adjectivally and substantivally Wieviel/e? = How much/How many?

To be precise:

= How much? (no definite number of things);
Wieviele? = How many? (a definite number of things is known and asked for) Substantival pronoun

Some examples
Wieviel kostet es?
= How much is it?
Für wieviel würdet ihr es kaufen?
= For how much would you buy it?
An wieviele habt ihr den Brief geschickt?
= To how many did you write the letter?
Mit wievielen habt ihr gerechnet?
= How many did you expect? Adjectival pronoun

Some examples
An wieviele Haushalte habt ihr den Brief verschickt?
= To how many houses did you send the letter?
Mit wievielen Autos seid ihr hingefahren?
= With how many cars did you go there?

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