28.0 Interrogative Phrases - an introduction

Phrases that require an answer are called interrogative phrase. There are three different types of interrogative phrases.

a) Questions, that require an answer of two alternatives, mostly it is 'yes' or 'no'.  
A: Gehst du?
= Do you go?

B: Ja, ich gehe.
= Yes, I do.

A: Möchtest du einen Kaffee?
= Do you want coffee?
B: Ja.
= Yes, please.

b) Questions that cannot be answered with 'yes' or 'no', but with a whole sentence, start      with interrogative pronouns.  
A: Wie heißen Sie?
= What is your name?
B: Ich heiße Andres.
= My name is Andres.
A: Was möchtest du?
= What would you like to have?
B: Einen Kaffee mit Milch.
= Coffee with milk.
A: Wer hat dir geholfen?
= Who has helped you?
B: Andrea
A: Wann kommt sie?
= When does she come?
B: Um acht Uhr.
= At eight o'clock.

c) If the interrogative phrase is negative, but the answer is positive, the correct answer is     'doch'.  

A: Hast du noch nicht gegessen?
= You didn't eat yet?

B: Doch, ich habe schon gegessen.
= Yes, I ate.
A: Hast du kein Auto?
= Don't you have a car?
B: Doch, ich habe ein Auto.
= Yes, I have a car.

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