26.4.6 Exercise 6: Formation of compound words

noun + adjetive
Gewinn = profit
gewinnorientiert = profit oriented
Umsatz = turnover
umsatzorientiert = oriented on turnover
Markt = market
marktorientiert = market oriented
Kunden = customer
kundenorientiert * = customer oriented
Angebot = offer
angebotsorientiert * = oriented on offers*
Nachfrage = demand
  check or answer
oriented on demand*

* For those ones who are not sure about what this means: A government that does politics oriented on offers, tries to modify the conditions of the production. Typical means of this politic are the liberation of the markets; fight against monopolistic tendencies, lower the influence of the state etc. A government who does politics orient on demand tries to stimulate the demand. Typical means are increase the demand of the state, increase the quantity of money in circulation etc. Politics oriented on demand is based on the theories of Keynes. If the demand is too low, companies cannot sell their products. In the classic theory of economy this is an instable situation that solves on its own. Keynes was able to show that this instability can actually be stable.

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