23.10.5 Exercise 5:

Translate these phrases into German.
The cup that is on the table, belongs to me.
The man, that made the first step on the moon, was Neil Armstrong.
But you don't know the man, to whom you have given to book.
The economical crisis, which is a catastrophe for many people, is for others an opportunity.
Marx despised the philosophers that only interpreted the world in different ways without changing it.
The economists despised Marx, who didn't see that free market also decreases the average costs of life.
Adam Smith, who died 100 years ago, despised the mercantilists.
The economists, that never find an agreement, despise them mutually.
The war destroyed everything, what they had been working for.
He has eaten all the oranges that you bought yesterday.
She bought the dress that she had seen yesterday.
I gave a CD to a man, who has
helped me.
He can hardly remember the city, in which he had lived for three years.
His uncle, who didn't know anything about all this, invited him to a party.
He didn't know what he was doing.
He had an accident, which caused that his leave was delayed.
He read the book that was recommended.

The doctor, whom he had consulted earlier, had said that he was healthy.

Suddenly he remembered words that he had forgotten since a long time ago.
I can't remember any of the songs, we were singing then.

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