22.86 Exercise 3: Translate these phrases

Even though he is sick
he goes to work.
He is sick
but still goes to work.
He doesn't know how to do it
but still he does it.
He explained it to him but
he didn't understand.
As long as he isn't here
you can do whatever you like.
As soon as he comes
you'll tell him.
Even in case he does it, the problem
will not be solved.
He didn't want to and therefore
we didn't do it.
That's why I asked him.

He doesn't read the book,
because he finds it boring.
He put the heating on that
the room would be warmer.
Even if he had told me the truth
I wouldn't have believed him.
In case he does not come here
what do we do then?
Until he comes we sleep.

Notwithstanding the fact that he can't drive, he bought a car.
If I see him
I tell him.
Since he lives in Berlin
I haven't seen him.
As much as I can help you
I will.

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