22.16 dass = that

Note! Many people and also a lot of Germans mix the conjunction dass with the relative pronoun das (3rd person singular neutral).

Have a look at these phrases.

a) Er sagt, dass er es macht.
= He says
that he does it.
b) Das Haus, das du da drüben siehst, gehört mir.
= The house
that you see over there is mine.

In phrase a) dass is a conjunction combining two clauses. The conjunction is written with ss. The phrase b) das is a relative pronoun that refers to the neutral word das Haus.

Er weiß, dass er das nicht darf.
= He knows that he must not do this.
Es ist mir egal, dass er nicht kommt.
= I don't care that he doesn't come.
Er langweilte sich derart, dass er ging.
= He was bored that much that he left.

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