20.3.1 Changing the position

The great majority of verbs with a preposition are conjugated by separating the preposition from the verb and changing the position of the preposition.

anschauen = to look at
Er schaut mich an. = He looks at me.

Er schaute mich an. = He looked at me.
Er hat mich angeschaut. = He has looked at me.
Er hatte mich angeschaut. = He had looked at me.

weglaufen = to run away
Ich laufe weg. = I run away.

Ich lief weg. = I ran away.
Ich bin weggelaufen. = I have run away.
Ich war weggelaufen. = I had run away.

aufmachen = to open
Ich mache es auf. = I open it.

Ich machte es auf. = I opened it.
Ich habe es aufgemacht. = I have opened it.
Ich hatte es aufgemacht. = I had opened it.

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