18.8.4 Exercise 4: Future I and future II


spring = der Frühling
soon = bald
to travel = reisen => reiste=>gereist
to move (houses) => umziehen=> zog um => umgezogen

Exercise 4a: Translate the following sentences

In spring I will be in Madrid.
We will buy a car.
He will soon learn Spanish.
We will write you a letter.
You (plural) will travel to the US.
You (plural) will move.
You (plural) will live in peace.
You will know more.
When he comes we will know.
When he has come we will know.
He will spend all his money.
We will read the contract and then we'll tell you.
I think he will do it.
I think we will do it.


January = Januar
February = Februar  
that = was  

Exercise 4b: Translate the following sentences

You (plural) will have smoked all cigarettes.
Until January they will have built the house.
Until January we will have spent all our
When he comes we will be finished with working.
When he has finished with working he will have earned a lot of money.
I suppose, he has bought her a dress for her birthday.

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