12.13.1 Exercise 1: Change these phrases from affirmative into negative phrases

to believe
to have to
to buy
to give (as a present)

I believe him. Ich glaube ihm.
I do not believe him.
I give him a book. Ich schenke ihm ein Buch.
I do not give him a book.
I have to buy apples. Ich muss Äpfel kaufen.
I do not have to buy apples.
I buy a hat. Ich kaufe mir einen Hut.
I do not buy a hat.
I take a coffee. Ich nehme einen Kaffee.
I do not take a coffee.
We want to drink wine. Wir wollen einen Wein trinken.
We do not want to drink wine.
He gives it to everybody. Er gibt es jedem.
He does not give it to anybody.
He gives it to nobody.
Everyone can do it. Jeder kann das machen.
Nobody can do it.

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