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     Table of Contents Chapter 10 10.7.5 Exercise: Translate the following phrases
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Chapter 10: Pronouns

  10.7.5 Exercise 5: Translate the following phrases

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   We see you.
   Wir sehen .
   We give it (das Buch) to you.
   Wir schenken .
   We see us.
   Wir sehen .
   We give you (all) the book.
   Wir schenken das Buch.
   We buy it (das Buch) for you.
   Wir kaufen .
   We give it to them.
   Wir geben es .
   You give us the money.
   Ihr gebt das Geld.
   I give you the money.
   Ich gebe das Geld.
   I give her (das Mädchen) the apple.
   Ich schenke den Apfel.
   I give them (den Frauen) the apple.
   Ich schenke den Apfel.
   I give them (den Männern) the apple.
   Ich gebe den Apfel.
   They give it (der Apfel) to them (den Männern).
   Sie schenken .