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     Table of Contents Chapter 10 10.1 Pronouns - an Introduction
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Chapter 10: Pronouns

  10.1 Pronouns - an Introduction

We already had a short glance at the personal pronouns in the chapter 4 - personal pronouns in basic form. And we have seen that personal pronouns can substitute the subject of a phrase.

Mary is beautiful.
She is beautiful.

She substitutes the subject of the phrase Mary. So far, so good. Not only can the subject of a phrase be substituted by a personal pronoun, but also the objects of the phrase (direct object and indirect object). And you will see it's not so different from the English logic.

I give money to the men. = Ich gebe den Männern Geld.
I give it to them. = Ich gebe es ihnen.

You'll notice that there is no preposition, but else the logic is the same.

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